1.  贴纸,不能吃!
2.  fries in a burger 汉堡夹薯条
3.  animal style fries 动物风薯条
4.  side salad 沙拉
5.  well done fries 酥炸薯条
6.  grilled onions(chopped) 烤洋葱汉堡(切碎)
7.  root beer float 漂浮香草冰淇淋沙士汽水
8.  two by four 2片芝士x4片牛肉的汉堡
9.  cheeseburger,cut in half 芝士汉堡切一半分装
10. animal style flying dutchman 动物风牛肉+芝士+酸黄瓜组合
11. double double,animal style  动物风double double汉堡
12. grilled onions(whole) 烤洋葱汉堡(整片洋葱) 
13. mustard and ketchup 黄芥末+番茄酱汉堡
14. veggie burger(wish burger) 蔬菜汉堡
15. light fries 轻炸薯条
16. neapolian shake 拿破仑三色奶昔
17. four by two,cold cheese 4片肉x2片芝士的汉堡(未加热融化芝士)
18. chopped chilis 汉堡+黄辣椒
19. grilled cheese 纯烤芝士汉堡
20. cheese fries 芝士薯条
21. protein burger 蛋白质风汉堡(面包换成莴苣蔬菜)
22. chilis on the side 黄辣椒
23. flying dutchman  2片牛肉+芝士组合 
25. five assorted burgers 五种口味汉堡
26. hamburger,no toast 未烤面包的汉堡
27. extra toast,medium rare 面包烤酥+五分熟牛肉的汉堡
28. mustard grilled burger 烤黄芥末汉堡
29. putting fries in burger 自己加薯条到汉堡里面的趣味吃法
30. 门口的logo霓虹灯,不能吃!!



秘密汉堡 In N Out Secret Burgers

2 by 4: a double double with two extra slices of cheese. Not for the weak hearted.

3 by Meat: three beef patties and no cheese.

3×3 or 4×4: Specifies the number of beef patties and cheese slices on your burger. My understanding they will no longer do bigger than 4×4.

Animal style: Makes any burger come with extra pickles, extra sauce, grilled onions, and a mustard cooked patty.

Chopped Chilies: Adds diced chilies to any burger.

Cut in half: Exactly what is sounds like. They’ll cut the burger in half before wrapping it up. Great if you’ve got kids and need smaller portions.

Double meat burger: A double double sans cheese.

Extra salt: Upon request they will add an extra salt pinch on top of the tomato layer of your burger.

Extra Toast: They will leave your bun on the grill making it extra crispy

Flying Dutchman: For the ultimate meat eater. No bun, no veggies, just two beef patties and two slices of cheese.

Grilled Cheese: A bun, tomatoes and onions, if you want them, grilled with melted cheese.

Medium rare: Upon request they will cook your patty a little less than usual that should provide a juicy pink center.

Mustard grilled patty: They will spread your patty with mustard before grilling it.

No Salt: Patties are normally heavily salted, so you can have them skip it if you request.

No toast: If you don’t want your bun toasted.

Onions: Can be ordered as whole fresh, fresh chopped, whole grilled, grilled chopped, or any combination of the four. It’s even possible to get multiples types of onions on the same burger (so you could order whole AND grilled for example.

Protein style: Protein style removes the bun and wraps your burger in lettuce like a burrito.

Veggie Burger: Instead of a beef patty, they substitute extra tomatoes (also known as a Wish Burger. As in I wish I had some meat).

Well done: If you want more of the charred burger flavor.

NOTE: We investigated the rumored “Monkey Style Burger” which contains animal style fries actually put into the burger and found that this does not appear to part of the In n Out Secret Menu. If you have evidence in the contrary, please let us know in the comments below.

秘密薯条 In N Out Secret Fries

Animal style: an order of French fries topped with cheese, grilled onions, and special sauce (a thicker thousand island dressing)

Cheese fries: Fries with melted cheese on top.

Extra well done: You’re basically easting potato chips at this point.

Light: French fries taken out of the fryer a little early. Not quite raw, but definitely not crispy.

Light-Well-Done: Somewhere halfway between your regular fries and well done fries.

Well-Done: They will  leave your fries on the fryer extra long, making them a little more oily and crispy.

秘密饮品 In N Out Secret Drinks

Choco-vanilla swirl: A chocolate milkshake swirled in with a vanilla milkshake (may also be called the Blank and White)

Lemon-up: Lemonade and seven up mixed together.

Large and extra large shakes: Just a bigger order of milkshake. Comes in either a medium or large cup, respectively.

Neapolitan shake: All the milkshake flavors swirled together, vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.

Root beer float: Half vanilla milkshake and half root beer soda.

Tea-ade: This is just an Arnold Palmer. Half iced tea and half lemonade.

隐藏的调料 Additional Condiments

Cold Cheese: An unmelted, straight out of refrigerator slice of cheese.

Hot yellow chili peppers: packets of two whole yellow chili peppers.

Pickles – Pickles do not come on the burger but can be added upon request.

Spread: Comes in packets. Pretty much thousand Island dressing.

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